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ZH Center for Military Medical Ethics

Teaching and research


The CMME is actively involved in international teaching activities and contributes to several courses in the field of military medical ethics.

(A) Course: Military Medical Ethics in Times of Armed Conflict

Most importantly, the ICMM Course on Military Medical Ethics in Times of Armed Conflict has been developed in cooperation with the CMME. This one-week course is held annually since 2012 during August in Spiez/ Switzerland. Participants of this course shall learn to recognize and analyze situations that present ethical and legal dilemmas from contemporary military deployments. At the end of the course, they shall be qualified to make legally and ethically sound decisions in situations where competences in international law and ethics are similarly relevant

(B) Courses/ Seminars for Swiss Armed Forces

At several occasions, the CMME has contributed lectures and short workshops on military ethics in general or military medical ethics during courses for officers of the Swiss Armed Forces.


(A) General research on military medical ethics

Research within the CMME concentrates on the rather new field of military medical ethics (medical ethics for military health care personel) but also includes military ethics more generally. One of the main goals of the CMME's research is to build a solid basis for the courses on military medical ethics (see below) and to keep these courses updated.

A research project that will be launched in 2016 in cooperation with international partners is the set-up of a database (or similar structure) to collect issues and case studies in Military Medical Ethics.

(B) Annual workshop on Military Medical Ethics

In close cooperation with the ICMM Center of Reference for Education on IHL and Ethics, the CMME also plans and coordinates the scientific program of the ICMM Workshop Series on Military Medical Ethics. These annual 3-day workshops are held since 2011 during spring in Ermatingen/ Switzerland and bring together around 35-40 experts to dicsuss on current issues in military medical ethics.

Proceedings of the workshop have been published since 2012.

(C) Expertise and recommendations

In support of the ICMM Center of Reference for Education on IHL and Ethics, the CMME has contributed to a study on ethical aspects of medical age estimation procedures and provided recommendations on that subject matter to the NATO Chiefs of Medical Services (COMEDS) in 2014. An academic editorial on the topic was published in 2015 at the BMJ.

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